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By Kristijan Krkac

The character of process has consistently been a subject on the very center of western philosophical traditions, specially within the twentieth century. essentially the most influential philosophers of the final century, Ludwig Wittgenstein, replaced not only his philosophical point of view not less than two times in his lifetime, however the very approach to learning philosophy besides. A Custodian of Grammar discusses Wittgenstein's procedure in his later interval, occasionally often called morphology. Krkac explores this subject from the primer of morphology and proceeds to extra challenging and intricate issues, comparable to different types of existence and perspicuous shows. He additionally examines Wittgenstein's purposes of his process, specifically to recognition, conception, and simple task. This booklet may be of curiosity to Wittgenstein students and to scholars investigating numerous philosophical equipment of philosophy from the 20 th century.

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Now, as such it can still be coloured or colourless. The other way around, small rounds can be dots or points. As such, they are coloured, still colour is unimportant if a small round represents a geometrical point, while if it represents a dot, then colour is essential, not representation functional. 1). Perhaps it is possible to suggest grammatical remarks such as: 11. Dots (spots, specks) are small coloured rounds (circles, but not as annular lines). 12. Points are places where two lines cross in the same geometrical plane.

E. to being small, black, and round, than to being a dot, or to being a hole. There is no reason to suppose that on the one hand this ‚óŹ is a small black round, while on the other hand it only looks as if it is a dot, or as a hole. indb 7 12/14/11 1:03 PM 8 Chapter One that looks like or is seen as something else, but that something seems to be as seeing and as something else at the same time. In order to show that, since there are no special reasons to consider (3) in any way relevantly different, in terms of being more clearer than (1) and (2), one must show that (3) is relative too as (1) and (2).

However, let us consider these characteristics one by one. There are three characteristics mentioned in proposition (3), all of which can be questioned based on simple cases of relativity. e. 2 the round of the same shade of grey appears lighter on the darker background and darker on the lighter background. e. a property of being grey, is in fact background colour relative because on different backgrounds it could appear very dark grey but not black. The next issue to consider is the size since one claims that what one sees is small.

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