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Tactics in the sicilian

Textual content: English (translation) unique Language: Russian

Kasparov Teaches Chess

A chain of 24 chess classes, first released in "Sport within the USSR", masking all features of the sport. The paintings is aimed toward the aspiring junior participant or the common membership participant. Gary Kasparov is a Grandmaster and international Champion and is the writer of "Batsford Chess Openings".

The Development of Chess Style

Max Euwe was once the 5th legitimate global champion, and met the various different champions in chessboard battles. the following, he assesses the contributions of every to the best way chess is performed and approached. John Nunn has introduced the booklet totally brand new by way of discussing the contributions of Karpoc, Kasparov, and the hot new release of pros and the supercomputers.

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Match situation forced White to avoid simplification if possible, which is why he did not play 26 'iixc3 . The threat of 3 3 :g 1 is unpleasant, and Black forces the exchange . of queens. 26 27 28 . • ltxb8 g7 34 . . e5 was simpler and stronger. gl+ t:Rf7 Here the king is safer than at c 1 . Now Black's possession of the b-file no l:th3 36 h6 longer gives him anything. White is 37 llg7+ �6 J:lb4 threatening to play 29 :g1 with 38 J:lh7 counterplay, which Black prevents.

D6, but he does not succeed. 46 �CJ The king makes way for the rook, 46 . . 'iSre6 is not now possible due to 47 l:ld4, and in the given situation the rook exchange loses: 46 . . lld6 47 ltxd6+ cxd6 48 'it>d4 'iti>e6 49 f3 @e7 50 'ittd5 ltd7 5 1 f4 a5 52 e4 with an easy win. · 46 47 48 %td4 lld7 Jle6 �g5 ltc6 49 �b4 Now this is possible, since Black cannot reply 49 ... d6. It only remains for White to transfer his rook to a8, which will finally force . . a6-a5. 49 �6 50 :d4 Diverting the king to the flank.

It is possible that, had Smyslov foreseen White' s 46th move, he would have rejected the win of the pawn. However. it is appropriate here to once again remember Tarrasch' s saying: in a bad position all moves are bad. It is interesting to note the except­ ional activity of White's king's knight, which has made 15 moves following the route g l -e2-c3 -e4-c5-a6-b4xc6-a5-b7c5-e4xf6xh7-g5-e4. In the end it peri­ shes on the field of battle, but not with­ out first securing victory for its army! bt 44 45 With the unpleasant threat (for example, after 40 �) of 40 .

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