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So Iblis the Damned drank and said, "Brave, O desire of hearts! " Then he filled the cup and signed to her to sing. Quoth she, "Hearkening and obedience, and chanted these couplets, "Ye wot, I am whelmed in despair and despight, * Ye dight me blight that delights your sight: Your wone is between my unrest and my eyes; * Nor tears to melt you, nor sighs have might. How oft shall I sue you for justice, and you * With a pining death my dear love requite? " Then they left not liquor-bibbing and rejoicing and making merry and tambourining and piping till the night waned and the dawn waxed near; and indeed exceeding delight entered into them.

When she saw that the house was empty of the slavegirls, she took the lute (now she was singular in her time for smiting upon the lute, nor had she her like in the world, no, not Ishak himself, nor any other) and sang thereto these couplets:-"When soul desireth one that is its mate * It never winneth dear desire of Fate: My life for him whose tortures tare my frame, * And dealt me pine he can alone abate! ' " Now Ishak had returned to his house on an occasion that called for him; and when he entered the vestibule, he heard a sound of singing, the like whereof he had never heard in the world, for that it was soft as the breeze and more strengthening than oil[FN#145] of almonds.

When Al-Rashid heard this, her speech pleased him and he strained her to his bosom. Then he went forth from her and locked the door upon her, as before; whereupon she took the book and sat perusing it awhile. Presently, she set it aside and taking the lute, tightened its strings; and smote thereon, after a wondrous fashion, such as would have moved inanimate things to dance, and fell to singing marvellous melodies and chanting these couplets:"Cease for change to wail,* The world blames who rail Bear patient its shafts * That for aye prevail.

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